Magnetic jewelry clips that can’t stay in one place!

“Fidjets”  Jeweled Magnetic Clips are a fun and fashionable. They were designed to make your clothing fit and look better. You can use them to dress up your boots, clothing, scarves and hair or to adjust the length of  sleeves, hemlines, and necklines. Fidjets are jewelry with a utility function. They clip on and off  easily without damaging the fabric. Wear them in the following fun ways or be creative and invent your own way.

  • Hold up your long sleeves or adjust hemlines on pants, shirts, dresses and capris
  • Scrunch–in necklines to dress up you shirt
  • Secure scarves and bathing suit wraps
  • Decorate boots, purses, jackets, hats and more
  • Give your casual clothing a dynamic upscaled look in second


Regular Fidjets $19.95! Matching Earrings $10.00

LICENSED COLLEGIATE BUTTONS for fidjets, rings, and bracelets sold separately. 

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